TriStone™ Worktops

Tristone is a 100% acrylic solid surface that is elegant, extremely practical, and long lasting. It is resistant to water, heat, bacteria and many chemicals. For this reason, Tristone is ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, hospitals, schools, offices, laboratories, and anywhere else that requires outstanding performance and resistance to bacteria and microbes.

tristone worktops

It cleans very easily, using ordinary household cleaners, and water. There are three different finishes – matte/satin finish, semi-gloss, and high gloss – each requiring a slightly different approach.

If a Tristone countertop suffers damage, such as scratches or stains (although it is extremely stain and scratch resistant) it can easily be repaired. Scratches and stains can simply be sanded out, and then the surface restored using a polisher.

Tristone worksurfaces are completely impervious to damage from bacteria or other microbes, since it is totally non-porous. For this reason it is often used in hospitals, restaurants, laboratories, and other places where hygiene is of the utmost importance. Tristone is NSF certified. This means that the materials have been tested and analysed, before being given the certification. NSF is the only third-party testing organisation which has such strict standards. It not only analyses materials used, but also makes unannounced plant inspections to ensure adherence to its guidelines. Tristone has NSF51 certification.

Tristone worktops come in a wide variety of colours (view all Tristone colours), and can be cut and customised with limitless design possibilities. It can also be integrated with other materials in the kitchen or bathroom, such as granite, glass, tiles and more, so that you can have a room that reflects your own style.

Compared with other kitchen surfaces, a Tristone worktop has many advantages. Granite is often used for kitchen work surfaces, but has to be professionally sealed every couple of years. If not sealed, the surface is porous and will hold bacteria and germs. It also stains very easily, and has visible seams. Tristone is totally non-porous, and has no visible seams.

Tristone also comes with a 10 year warranty. This warranty can be transferred to the new owner, should you sell your home during the warranty period.


TriStone™ Vs Corian®

Tristone is often compared to Corian worktops, and indeed they both have similar properties, but Tristone is far less expensive. It gives you both aesthetic appeal and high performance, combined with a huge range of colour and design possibilities. If you can imagine it, Tristone™ can provide it.

The main three properties that any kitchen work surface should possess are functionality, quality, and versatility. Tristone meets all those criteria at an unbeatable price.

It is tough and durable. The colour goes all the way through the material, which means that, if damaged, it can be restored again and again. It is impact resistant. It is also UV resistant, which means that the sun cannot cause it to fade. It is heat, moisture, and stain resistant.

Tristone worktops are extremely simple to maintain, have a ten year guarantee, and will last a lifetime – the perfect solid surface choice.